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A base metal bezel is the part of a watch made from non-precious metals that holds the protective covering known as the crystal in place. Common base metals include copper, zinc, brass and other relatively inexpensive metals.


Bezel setting is a way of mounting a single precious stone onto a ring, earring or pendant. A bezel setting holds the stone in place with a lip overlapping the edges of the stone. On jewelry pieces such as rings, the gemstone is mounted on the bezel for display.


According to PrestigeTime.com, the term bezel refers to the ring located on the top side of the watch case. The bezel often has time increments marked on it. Movable bezels can serve other functions, such as tracking elapsed time. However, bezels can also be fixed, mean...


Coin bezels are frames that allow coins to be worn as jewelry. Most coin bezels hold the coins in place by a backside prong system or a screw-top design. Coin bezels are typically worn as necklace pendants, but they are also available in ring, earring, bracelet and mone...


A rotating bezel is a circular piece around the crystal of a mechanical watch capable of rotating in one direction or both with markings at five minute intervals. A rotating bezel is used to mark the passage of a specific amount of elapsed time under an hour.


The rotating bezel on a wristwatch works in several ways, and these include calculating elapsed time for divers, measuring the distance per time unit increments and measuring the distance between a wearer and an event that is seen or heard. Some rotating bezels on wrist...


The rotating watch bezel is a reference feature found in watches that is used to indicate elapsed time. It is a standard feature in watches worn by divers.