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Barnes & Nobles stores close at different times depending on the day and the location. According to its website, most of the stores close by 9 p.m. on Sundays and by 11 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays. The Barnes & Noble website lists specific closing hours for each location.


Printing a Barnes & Noble coupon varies depending on the discount coupon website. On Groupon, for example, a coupon may by printed by simply clicking on the Claim button and then following the succeeding prompts to print out the coupon. In other cases, printing out a coupon involves printing out the


As of 2015, Barnes and Noble offers more than 1,000,000,000 titles available for purchase from its eBook marketplace. To purchase an eBook, go to BarnesandNoble.com and use the search field in the middle of the webpage to find a book.


Barnes & Noble stores are closed for Thanksgiving in 2014. While the retailer is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, it offers special holiday hours throughout the season.


Barnes & Noble offers coupons for online purchases to customers who join its member program, as of June 2015. Barnes & Noble members receive $50 in online coupons when they enroll and pay the $25 annual membership fee. Members also receive coupons by email during the membership period.


Barnes and Noble's Free Fridays program is a promotion on The Nook blog where a book can be downloaded to the Nook for free, as of February 2015. The books are only free for that Friday.


The Nook is a line of tablets and e-readers sold by the Barnes & Noble company. The line features an E Ink based e-reader with a built-in screen light, as well as 7 inch and 10 inch LCD tablets produced by Samsung.


It is possible to reserve products at local Barnes & Noble bookstores online to be picked up in person. To do so, customers are required to select their desired product and enter their ZIP code. They will then receive an email confirmation that the product is available for pick-up, usually within 1


Through the Free Fridays program at the Nook Blog, currently active as of March 2015, Barnes and Noble allows users to download one Nook e-book or app for free. The download is available for one day only and the book and app are listed on the Nook blog at BarnesandNoble.com.


To get Barnes & Noble's Free Friday e-book, customers must have either a Nook e-reader or the Nook reading app on a multimedia device. Customers are also required to have a credit card recorded in an account with Barnes & Noble to download free books.