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It's easy to see why: building a sliding barn door means you don't have to rip open and reframe a wall for a pocket door. Plus, DIY barn door hardware is available in all manner of styles and budgets, and the door options are limitless—from salvage finds to original DIY creations like this one, a mix of pallet wood and common cedar.


This barn door idea is really unique and works on the outside of your home. If you have a screen door that always gets banged up or walk through, then you’ll want to check it out. Basically, she purchased a barn door track and made it to where the screen door could easily be slid back and forth. I think it looks really nice and unique.


How to Make a Sliding Barn Door – Free Plans. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a sliding barn door out of wood and steel. I'm currently in the process of remodeling my office and thought a barn door would really class up the room. I've made a number of barn doors in the past and wanted to document the process to share with you.


Building Door For a Center Aisle Barn. The best door system for a center aisle barn is a split slider (double sliding door) which is hung on rollers (trolleys) and slides on a track. What you need to remember when building this kind of door, is to make your door 6" wider than the width of your aisle.


DIY Barn Door Plans & Tutorial. Posted on April 18, 2016. Let’s kick this week off with a new tutorial, shall we? ... My very first barn door experience was for our laundry room a year ago, ... We’re building a house soon and really hope we can follow your tutorial to build our own doors! I noted the paint and trim on the room with the ...


Barn doors today are becoming part of interior decoration in many houses because they are stylish. When building a barn door on your own, barn door hardware kit Barn doors for indoor purposes can also create a very unique rustic look that can enhance the ambience of any room.


Then you will love our Sliding Barn Door Plans – they’re free and use easy to find materials! ... For ex. the design and parts for building the handle could be separated from other aspects of the door, and the track above. For a first timer, it’s hard separating the parts I will use.


How to Build a Sliding Barn Door. A sliding door saves space and can add a charming rustic look to your home. Upcycle an old door from a salvage shop and the materials should cost you no more than $100! ... Save interior space and showcase your DIY skills by building a sliding door from reclaimed building materials and bubble-glass panels. How ...


Building a Barn Door For an Actual Barn (Ironically) August 26, 2013 ... Which, let me tell you, when you’re twelve hours in to building an eight foot door and decide to search for “barn door hardware” to determine if it makes more sense to salvage the eighty year old track you’re working with or buy new, and google vomits 400 images of ...


Simple DIY Barn Door Tutorial. Click Here to Get a Free Printable Version of this Building Plan. Hi it’s Amy from Hertoolbelt, back with another building plan.Anissa from House Seven created this beautiful barn door for her home. She graciously let us create a build plan for her door, and you can swing by her blog to check out how she hung it with DIY barn door hardware.