The chemical formula for barium phosphate is Ba3(PO4)2. Within the formula, the symbol Ba represents barium, P represents phosphorus and O represents oxygen. The numbers in the chemical formula Ba3(PO4)2 indicate the num... More »

The chemical formula for calcium phosphate is Ca3(PO4)2. Calcium phosphate is composed of three atoms of calcium, two atoms of phosphorus and eight atoms of oxygen, for a combined molar mass of 310.17 grams per mole. More »

Manganese(II) phosphate has the chemical formula Mn3(PO4)2 and therefore consists of three manganese atoms bonded to two phosphate ions. The phosphate ions each have a charge of negative three. More »

The chemical formula for zinc phosphate is Zn3(PO4)2, also written as O8P2Zn3. In this formula, "Zn" is the chemical symbol for zinc, "P" is the chemical symbol for phosphorous, and "O" is the chemical symbol for oxygen. More »

Barium bromide is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula BaBr2. The compound is made up of a single barium ion bonded to two bromide ions with charges of positive 2 and negative 1, respectively. The overall cha... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

The chemical formula of barium hydride is BaH2. Ba is the chemical symbol for barium, and H is the chemical symbol for hydrogen. The 2 after the H indicates the molecule contains two atoms of hydrogen, while the absence ... More »

Barium hydroxide is an ionic compound with the chemical formula Ba(OH)2. It forms an ionic bond because of the transfer of two electrons from the barium to two hydroxides. More »