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Barium hydrogen phosphate. 10048-98-3. Barium phosphate dibasic. UNII-14EU717F7E. Barium hydrogenphosphate


the empirical mass of barium phosphate (Ba3(PO4)2) is 601.93 g/mol.. To find the molar mass, you would need to balance the formula this compound is in..


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Barium Dihydrogen Phosphate Ba(H2PO4)2 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight


The chemical formula for barium phosphate is Ba3(PO4)2. Within the formula, the symbol Ba represents barium, P represents phosphorus and O represents oxygen. The numbers in the chemical formula Ba3(PO4)2 indicate the number of atoms of each element in the compound.


barium(2+) diphosphate. Barium phosphate tribasic. EINECS 236-715-1. Tribarium diphosphate. Phosphoric acid, barium salt (2:3) Barium phosphate, tribasic. Phosphoric acid, barium salt (2:1) Bariumphosphat. EINECS 236-856-9. EINECS 237-582-2. mono barium phosphate. bariumdihydrogenphosphate. dihydrogenbariumphosphate. AC1L4XBC. tribarium(2 ...


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Barium is in Group 2, so we know that it makes 2+ ions. If you happen to have a chart of common polyatomic ions, you can find out that phosphate is PO 4 and has a 3- charge.


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Barium dihydrogen phosphate: "Dihydrogen phosphate" is a polyatomic ion formed by adding two H+ units to the phosphate ion, PO4(3-). Therefore, the ion has formula H2PO4-. Since barium takes the +2 state, the formula is Ba(H2PO4)2.