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Get the best bargains from outlet store shopping by comparing prices to know whether a bargain at an outlet store is really a bargain, finding out if the item was made to be sold only at the outlet mall, and heading for the clearance racks. Additional tips include shopping off-season and off-hours,


To find bargains at factory outlet store, research the original price for an item to see how much its discount really is, go to the corner areas of the store, get off-season items and sign up for promotional emails from the store. If you find an open item or one that's damaged, ask for an additional


Sears, Gap, Carter’s and The Children’s Place are a few outlet stores offering bargain kids clothing, as of 2015. Some stores offer these items online as well as in outlet stores.


Home Owners Bargain Outlet sells flooring, kitchen, bath and furniture products, as well as general home improvement products such as paint rollers, area rugs, ladders and light bulbs. Bathroom products sold by Home Owners Bargain Outlet include vanities, freestanding and whirlpool bathtubs, toilets


Ollie's Bargain Outlet stores are located in the East North Central, East South Central, Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic regions of the United States. As of 2015, the store chain operates over 190 stores in 16 states including Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky. There are also Ollie's


As of February 2015, Ollie's Bargain Outlet has 19 product categories that include books and stationery, carpet, domestic products, food, hardware, seasonal items and toys. It specializes in closeout items, excess inventory and salvaged products. Product selections and specials vary based on each sp


Some online fabric stores include Fabric.com and Fabric Depot. There is also Mood Designer Fabrics, which specializes in high-end clothing and home fabrics made by popular designers.


New Balance, the athletic shoe manufacturer, has factory stores in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Wisconsin and 13 other states, as of September 2015. The factory store in Pennsylvania is in the Rockvale Outlet Mall in Lancaster.


J.Crew Factory, REI Outlet and Saks Off Fifth are all outlet stores that offer online shopping. Amazon.com is an example of an online-only retailer that offers an online outlet without a brick and mortar outlet store.


The Dump, Crate and Barrel, and Sears Outlet are all popular furniture outlet stores with locations across the United States. Customers can shop online at the Crate and Barrel website and browse merchandise online at The Dump and Sears Outlet websites.