Kids should use bar graphs when they are attempting to show how something changes over time or to compare items. Bar graphs work well when comparing items in categories that are related. More »

A double bar graph is a bar graph used for displaying two sets of frequency data for each data group. It can be used to make comparisons between and within data groups. Data displayed on a double bar graph is countable. More »

A compound bar graph breaks down data by splitting the columns to represent information comprising each bar. For example, a bar graph representing state employment rates can be turned into a compound bar graph by subdivi... More » Math Data Graphs

A bar graph is used to compare items between different groups and track changes over a period of time. Bar graphs are best used for changes that happen over a large amount of time instead of just months or weeks. More »

Several types of graphs are used for displaying information in mathematics including the bar graph; pie chart or circle graph; histogram; stem and leaf plot; dot plot; scatter plot; and time-series graphs. The type of gr... More »

Bar graphs, or bar charts, are a way of representing data visually; printable bar charts enable people giving presentations to convey digital information on paper. They are similar to line charts but are often used to sh... More »

Calculating depreciation depends on the item you are depreciating, and whether you want to calculate by time or by use. Three methods of calculating depreciation exist: the declining balance method, the straight line met... More »