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To understand what attire is appropriate for a banquet, the individual should know how formal the banquet is. Suitable clothing for a black tie banquet is much different than that of a casual banquet.


According to Perfection Events Inc., a banquet event order is a document that details everything a renter needs a facility to know in order to host an event. This covers specifics about the room, the date, the menu and special requests.


To decorate for a banquet, accessorize the tables with centerpieces and a runner, balance the space used in the room by using long tables for rooms with large windows and open spaces and use shapes that complement each other, such as square plates with rectangular table...


Designing a banquet program is a matter of creating an informative document that matches the decorative style of the event.


The most common height of a standard banquet table is 30 inches, but the area of the table depends on the number of guests who need to sit at it. For a table of four people, the table should have a diameter of 36 inches, notes GROUP R Products.


Whether a person works in the food service industry or is hosting a banquet on their own, they will have to work hard to ensure that a delicious menu is created and that the table is set up properly. A host may choose to work alone or as a part of a team to create a for...


To plan a football banquet, implement a plan and confirm a venue, budget, program itinerary, theme, food and invitations. Having a committee for each portion of the implementation helps to organize the banquet.