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As of 2015, several banks with the highest interest rates include GE Capital Bank, MySavingsDirect, iGoBanking.com and Barclays Bank Delaware, according to U.S. News Money. To anyone looking for a high-interest savings account, Ally Bank, Bank 5 Connect and Synchrony Bank are recommended as well.


As of 2010, some of the highest rated banks in California include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, MUFG Union Bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank and Citibank. Others are OneWest Bank, BlackRock Institutional Trust and Silicon Valley Bank.


All of Discover Bank's interest rates can be found on its website, Discover.com. The website has Web pages for each of its financial services, where the current rates can be found either on the page itself or through a second, smaller link on the page.


Emigrant Bank, GE Capital Bank, Barclays Bank Delaware and Ally Bank are some banks that offer the highest interest on savings accounts, as of 2015. Other features include no fees and no minimum required amounts.


National Bank publishes its interest rates on its official website. The Web page updates daily to show the current interest rates for several of the products National Bank offers.


As of February 2015, the online banks Synchrony Bank, Ally Bank and EverBank offer the best interest rates on savings accounts, according to the online investing site The Dough Roller. These banks offer annual percentage yields of 1.0%, 0.99% and 1.01%, respectively.


Money market funds typically offer the highest interest rates and are available at some banks, according to Bankrate. While money market funds are low-risk, they do not offer the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage available with other bank accounts and it is possible to lose part or all


Consumers seeking the best interest rates on bank savings accounts should look at banks offering online savings accounts. Although annual percentage yield earnings on savings account deposits change frequently, on average, online savings accounts outperform traditional accounts offered at brick-and-


An interest rate is the total percentage paid by the borrower on a loan. It can also be the difference between the money paid back and the money borrowed. The interest rate is what a lender charges a borrower for taking a loan and is also used to determine the rate paid on money deposited in savings


Six-month certificates of deposit reached a high of 17.98 percent in August 1981, according to Ally Bank. Because the U.S. Federal Reserve keeps the short-term interest rate close to zero, as of 2015, returns on CDs remain low as well.