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View your accrued interest and overall balance of your certificate of deposit in Bank of America's mobile app Footnote 6, ... We may change the type, term or other feature of your bank CD by giving you notice. If we make a change, we tell you about the change in the maturity notice. ← back to content. Annual Percentage Yield ...


Thinking of investing in a certificate of deposit is the sign of a great investor.An investor that wants to see a guaranteed rate of return on his investment would do well to purchase a Bank of America certificate of deposit.Bank of America can boast they have one of the highest yielding certificates of deposit found in the market today along with delivering numerous choices for their patrons ...


Our Certificates of Deposit offer guaranteed yields, flexibility, and the safety of FDIC insurance. That’s because you lock in a high yield that’s guaranteed from the day you open the account until the day it matures. You know exactly what return you’ll get and when you’ll get it. FDIC insured up to $250,000.


Bank of America offers two certificate of deposit (CD) account types, its Featured CD and Standard Term CDs. The Featured CD is a 12-month term while the Standard Term CDs range from one month to 120 months. You will have to meet a minimum deposit requirement for both accounts, with the Featured CD having a much higher requirement.


Information to consider when opening Bank of America 6 Month CD Rates: A six month CD is common maturity term made available by many bank and is short term fixed interest investment or savings product. It is illiquid compared to a liquid savings account but has a higher premium.


A certificate of deposit (CD) is a low-risk savings tool that can boost the amount you earn in interest while keeping your money invested in a relatively safe way. Like savings accounts, CDs are considered low risk because they are FDIC-insured up to $250,000.


A certificate of deposit (CD) is a time deposit, a financial product commonly sold by banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions. CDs are similar to savings accounts in that they are insured "money in the bank" and thus virtually risk free.


For 2 year Bank of America CDs, would consider the medium term policy directions and forecasts of the federal reserve in conjunction with its net interest margins on deposits, BofA liquidity (deposits are a cash flow source of funding to fund activities and provides liquidity), regulations, competition and loan to deposit ratio profiles.


Authority: Bank of America is a major US chartered national bank with its deposits FDIC insured. It has a large presence across the United States with a presence of 6104 branches in 36 states according to the FDIC website in 2011.