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In-bank soil, loose soil that has been excavated and fill soil that has been ... Bank Cubic Yards (BCY)/Bank Cubic Meters (BCM): Material as it lies in its natural ...


This means that 1 bank cubic yard of earth removed from the ground will almost always amount to more than 1 loose cubic yard of the same substance.


Do these look correct? Any changes or other suggestions? BCY = bank cubic yards. LCY = loose cubic yards. CCY = compacted cubic yards.


When preparing bids or construction cost-estimates, knowing the loose cubic yard (LCY) or bank cubic yard (BCY) quantities required for fill construction is ...


An example of this is sand: 100 cubic yards in place yields 111 cubic yards loose and only 95 cubic yards when compacted. Table 10-1 lists conversion factors ...


To convert cubic feet into cubic yards, divide the cubic feet by 27 (there are 27 cubic feet in 1 ... Cubic yards of material are either inplace, loose, or compacted.


Excavating soil and piling it up will loosen it and the volume will increase due to void ... bank volume of material that needs to be excavated in cubic yards; loose ...


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Mar 8, 2011 ... been converted into bank cubic yards so you can compare ... End. CY. CY. CY. CY. CY. CY. ACRE. Highway 2. 169+16. 182+87. 7,665. 2,450.


BCY, bank cubic yard, cubic meter, 0.7646. d/wk, day per week, NAp. d/yr, day per year ... LCY, loose cubic yard, cubic meter, 0,7646. mi, mile, kilometer, 1.6093 .