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Looks like you may have a high pressure valve in a low pressure service. This situation is OK for most applications unless the high pressure valve doesn't function well at low pressures. Comeback with exactly what you called out for the valve and the service it will be used in, temperature and pressure.


Temperature and pressure ratings for valves according API 6D "Pipeline Valves, Gate, Plug, Ball and Check Valves": Pressure Rating - psig. Pressure Rating - bar. Sponsored Links . Related Topics . Valve Standards - International standards for valves in piping systems; Related Documents .


Ball valves. 2. General features. Design as per BS5351, ANSI B16.34, ISO 17292, API 6 D upon request ISO 5211 Top flange FIRE SAFE construction certified as per BS 6755 part 2, API 6FA, API 607 and ISO 10497 ressure testing according, API 598, ISO 5208, and P API 6D upor request Floating ball. Guided ball Full Trunnion

www.flow-tech.com/pdf/2014/FlowTek Ball Valves general bro...

threaded Ball ValVeS S85 SerieS Body 2 Piece Full Port ½” through 3” Materials Stainless Steel Pressure ratings ½”-3”: 1000 psi WOG/150psi WSG Designed for ease of automation, features include live loaded Smart Stem seals through 2”, anti-static protection, replaceable seats and seals, and safety latch handles.


Resilient-seated high-performance ball valves capable of pressures to 5000 psi and temperatures to 450°F Series H44, an advanced-design ball valve that can take the stress of hydraulic and other high-pressure systems. Worcester Series H44 three-piece ball valve continues to be one of the most respected ball valve designs in the industry. With


high pressure threaded ball valves (includes threaded and socket weld ends) forged carbon and stainless steel asme class 1500 and 2500 / 3000 and 6000 wog features: 1. rugged 3-pc construction 2. full port 3. grounded ball and stem 4. nace mr0175 5. api 607 certified 6. locking lever 7. threaded ends to asme b1.20.1 8. socket weld ends to asme ...


Valve pressure rating 600 psi/41.4 bar non-shock cold working pressure (1/4" to 2"), Valve pressure rating 400 psi/27.6 bar non-shock cold working pressure (2-1/2" to 4"), Full port, Chrome-plated brass ball and stem, Blowout-proof stem, Standard lever handle, Female solder cup end connections, Use in U.S. drinking water applications is ...


- Diaphragm valves – Elastomeric diaphragm is designed for handling suspended particles. • Volatile fluids such as sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2) could be trapped and gasified within the valve. We can provide you with a Type-21 ball valve with a vented ball to relieve pressure build-up inside the valve. Caution


Nonmetal materials, mainly PTFE, are employed as seats in KITZ ball valves. Each seat material has its own pressure rating, independent of the rating for the valve body. Ball valves can only be used within a range of values that satisfies both the above-mentioned ratings.


• 1, 2 and 3 piece ball valves, known as our B Series. • Floating flanged ball valves offered in 150, 300 and 600 pressure classes, known as our Z Series. • Trunnion ball valves, known as our T Series. • A wide variety of butterfly valves, known as our BF Series. • Strainers and check valves. • Valve position monitors.