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Python snakes are constrictors, have special heat-sensing organs and can grow up to 33 feet long. Pythons live in a range of habitats throughout Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia including grasslands, swamps, rain forests and woodlands.


The ball python is a reptile that lives a long life, thrives in a dry climate, is considered sacred in many cultures and has a gentle disposition. This reptile is considered the longest-lived snake, living for an average of 30 years. The oldest ball python on record liv...


A ball python is a small to medium-sized snake that reaches 3 to 5 feet in length at maturity. The female of the species is typically longer and heavier than the male. This python gets its name because it curls up into a tight ball when threatened.


Pythons are a group of non-venomous snakes that ambush and constrict their prey to death, then swallow them whole. Most pythons can sense heat in addition to their good vision and sense of smell. All female pythons lay eggs, and some incubate the eggs until they hatch.


Ball pythons have a maximum length of 6 feet. Females tend to be larger than males. These small pythons have gentle dispositions and are popular as pets.


Ball pythons are not dangerous. They are the smallest snakes in the python genus and the most docile. They are long-lived snakes that need damp and dark areas for hiding spots.


A superball python is a hybridization of a ball python and a blood python. Roussis Reptiles claims success with hatching the first superball in 2002.