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As of 2015, some hotels near Balboa Park in San Diego are Inn at the Park, Studio 819 Residential Hotel and Sommerset Suites Hotel, notes the official website for Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre park near downtown San Diego. Attractions at the park include botanical gardens, the Old Globe T


There is no record of Vasco de Balboa's birth, but historians estimate it to be the year 1475. He was born in Jerez de los Caballeros and sailed to the New World in 1500. Balboa settled in Hispaniola and explored the eastern coast of Panama after unsuccessful attempts at farming.


Vasco Núñez de Balboa sailed his expeditions for Spain. He was part of an expedition that explored Colombia and spent time exploring Panama. In September 1513, he saw the Pacific Ocean from a mountaintop in Panama.


The Naval Medical Center San Diego is often referred to as Balboa Hospital. The historic location of the hospital in and around Balboa Park established a connection in the minds of many San Diego locals.


The Balboa Water Group website offers manuals for its hot tubs or spas. Clicking on the Product Literature tab, located under the Product Collections heading, gives the spa owner a list of literature, including manuals, to click on for further information.


Political infighting between Vasco Nunez de Balboa and his political superior, Pedro Arias Davila, led to Davila accusing Balboa of treason. The trial showed a lot more bias than substance, but even so, the trial ended with a guilty verdict for the explorer best known for discovering the Pacific Oce


Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa set sail for South America on a trans-oceanic voyage, establishing the first settlement in modern-day Panama and claiming the western coast of South America for Spain before meeting his death, via execution, in 1519. Balboa was born in 1475 to humble beginnings


In 1513, Vasco Nunez de Balboa made an expedition with a 190 men that included sailing first to the Darien Peninsula before traveling by land through parts of the Isthmus of Panama that had difficult terrain. On this overland expedition, Balboa and his men had to fight with Indian tribes. He first s


The Spanish expedition that Balboa joined to South America consisted of two ships, the Santa Maria and the San Anton. Balboa made other expeditions, but the names of the ships are uncertain.


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