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Simple recipes containing blueberries include Real Simple's blueberry tart recipe served with ice cream and Paula Deen's blueberry muffins. Cooking Light features a traditional blueberry crisp that uses either fresh or frozen blueberries.


One recipe for blueberry cake is the double blueberry cake recipe. The main ingredients in the double blueberry cake recipe are blueberry jam, fresh or frozen blueberries, flour, sugar and milk.


A blueberry muffin recipe from Real Simple Magazine takes only 10 minute to prepare and requires only nine ingredients. The muffins bake in 20 to 25 minutes.


A recipe for blueberry muffins from the Food Network requires fresh blueberries, all-purpose flour, baking powder and sugar. It also uses unsalted butter, egg, whole milk and granulated brown or white sugar. Preparation time is 12 minutes, and cook time is 25 minutes.


An easy blueberry jam recipe by Real Simple involves cooking blueberries with sugar, lemon juice and salt in a saucepan until it reaches a desirable consistency. Other simple recipes for blueberry jam include the ginger-spiked blueberry jam from The New York Times and the lavender-infused blueberry


Martha Stewart has a delicious recipe for fresh blueberry crisp. Paula Deen's pineapple blueberry crunch cake recipe offers a quick and simple alternative, using ready-made ingredients.


An easy blueberry pie recipe that utilizes store-bought pie crusts along with basic ingredients such as sugar, blueberries, lemon juice, flour and salt is available on the Food Network website. Other easy blueberry pie recipes are available on the Pillsbury, Better Homes and Gardens and Betty Crocke


Martha Stewart's blueberry crisp recipe is a good recipe that comes from a June 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living. The recipe makes eight servings.


Health benefits of blueberries include neutralizing free radicals, reducing body fat, limiting risk factors for cardiovascular disease, promoting urinary tract health, preserving eyesight, improving brain health, dissolving cholesterol, fighting cancer and reversing depression. Blueberries are high


To make no-cook blueberry jam, combine mashed berries, sugar, lemon juice and pectin. Pour the mixture into jelly jars or freezer containers, then refrigerate or freeze it.