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The length of time to bake a ham can be dependent on factors like the size and whether the ham is uncooked or already precooked. For uncooked hams, the cooking time is approximately 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a whole ham that weighs between ten to fifteen pounds. An uncooked


It is safe to bake fully cooked ham with the assistance of children as long as adequate precautions are taken and parents supervise the process. Parents should instruct children about safety guidelines in advance so that baking can be fun.


It is best to cover a fully cooked ham with foil when baking it. Fully cooked hams can become dry when reheating, and covering them tightly with foil prevents excessive dryness.


Heating times for a fully cooked ham vary depending on whether the ham has a bone in it. In both cases, preheat your oven to 325 degrees.


Hatfield and Smithfield Farmland suggest heating a fully baked ham approximately 15 minutes per pound. The size of the ham may require shorter or longer cooking times.


A ham is fully baked and safe for consumption when the internal temperature is at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. For already-smoked hams that are being reheated, the internal temperature should reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit before it is eaten,


A portion of cooked meat provides more nutritional energy than a similar serving of raw meat. The Food Safety and Inspection Service branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture says that ham and other pork products should always be cooked to an internal temperature of no less than 140 degrees.


Baking a ham requires the cook to select a recipe, such as the one for baked ham featured at Allrecipes.com. This recipe is for a bone-in-ham and requires four ingredients to prepare. The ham is placed into a roasting pan, covered with cloves and brown sugar, then baked.


Cooked ham lasts around three to four days when stored in the refrigerator. Cooked ham lasts three to four months when stored in the freezer.


A fully-cooked ham needs to be baked for 10 to 30 minutes per pound depending on the size and cut of the ham, and scalloped potatoes are baked for approximately an hour. They can be baked simultaneously, but a fully-cooked ham generally takes longer to bake than scalloped potatoes.