A bail bond is money put up to ensure that a defendant appears in court to face his charges. If a defendant is ordered held before trial, he may deposit money with the court in exchange for remaining free. A bail bondsma... More »

Some tips for finding a bail bond company include making sure that the company has an appropriate license, according to FindLaw. A reputable bail bond company should have a physical office from which to do business, and ... More »

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Bail is a legal mechanism that allows people who are accused of a crime to remain free pending trial. According to HowStuffWorks, bail takes many forms, but it usually requires that the accused, or another person acting ... More »

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It is possible for burglary charges to be dropped if the defendant and his lawyer present a request to the court and the court agrees. The court's decision takes a variety of mitigating factors into consideration. More »

Unsecured bail is a type of bond in which the defendant contracts to appear before the court on a specified date and promises to pay the bail amount later if he fails to appear, states US Legal. An unsecured bail is not ... More »

According to the American Bar Association, the purpose of bail is to make sure the defendant appears for trial and all pre-trial hearings. Bail is the amount of money defendants must pay to be released from custody befor... More »

What happens at a criminal court hearing depends on the type of hearing, but it can include informing the defendant of the nature of the charges, hearing pretrial motions, conducting the trial and sentencing the defendan... More »