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According to WebMD, rug burns are also referred to as friction burns, and in most cases they can easily be treated by cleaning the burn with soap and cool water and covering it with a light gauze. Rug burns that contain deeply lodged debris should be treated by a physic...


To clean a rug, tend to all spills and pet stains as soon as possible. Wash the rug in a washing machine unless the tag states otherwise.


Small area rugs can be cleaned by shaking them out, and larger rugs can either be vacuumed or swept. All rugs should be turned at least once a year to even out foot traffic.


To repair a loose thread in a braided rug, take the thread out, and connect the two parts of the rug, using a rounded upholstery needle. If there is a problem with a larger part of the rug, undo it up to the place where the problem is, and braid the rug again. Be sure t...


A rag rug is a rug that is made from old clothing or household linens that are cut into small pieces or strips and then sewn, crocheted, knitted or braided into a rug. The rugs usually are thick and durable.


Rugs specifically designed for outdoor use are usually made from polypropylene and other synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, which are synthetic fibers that are durable and weather resistant. This design is intended to ensure that the outdoor rugs last as l...


To bind a carpet remnant to turn it into an area rug, begin by trimming the carpet to the desired size using a straight edge and utility knife. Trim away any fraying edges with scissors, and make sure that any corners are square. Purchase do-it-yourself carpet binding t...