Salt usually slows or stops the growth of bacteria and sometimes kills existing bacteria. Some strains of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, have evolved to survive in salty environments. More »

Ancient bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that are able to live in extreme environments and have significant biological differences from regular bacteria. In the three-domain classification system for living thin... More »

Pink salt typically refers to either Himalayan pink salt or curing salt, also known as Prague powder. Himalayan pink salt is used for cooking, in brine and in bath salts. Curing salt is used to preserve foods and to pick... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Some salt substitute brands include Morton, No Salt and Nu Salt. When products are salt-free, this means that potassium chloride has replaced all of the sodium. Salt substitutes are a seasoning alternative for individual... More » Food Food Facts Herbs & Spices

Salt, pepper, sage, red pepper and chile pepper are common among the spices found in a sausage seasoning. Additional spices typically included in sausage season include coriander, cumin, mace, garlic powder and onion pow... More » Food Food Facts Herbs & Spices

It's believed that turmeric may prevent or slow the rate of growth of some types of cancers, including tumors in the mouth, intestines, stomach, skin and breast, according to the American Cancer Society. As of 2015, clin... More » Food Food Facts Herbs & Spices

Traditional seasoning salt generally consists of salt, spices and pepper. In addition to traditional seasoning salt, other seasoning salt recipes include lemon pepper, rosemary garlic, celery salt, smoky ancho chili salt... More » Food Food Facts Herbs & Spices