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Tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, Swiss chard and summer squash thrive in small backyard gardens. These crops are easy and economical to grow at home, since they are relatively expensive to buy in stores.


Learn how to identify edible, wild berries from their poisonous cousins by following a few simple steps. You need good observation skills and a field guide.


Berry sugar, also called bar or caster sugar, is a more finely granulated sugar than the white table sugar that is commonly used in home kitchens. It dissolves instantly, making it preferred for sweetening cocktails and for certain baking projects.


Michael Berry's KTRH radio program is a conservative radio talk show primarily based on the host's interpretations of recent events. The general public has met the show with controversy on several occasions due to Michael Berry's comments on issues such as race and cultural pluralism.


There are many different types of trees that have red berries, including American holly, yew, dogwood and flowering crabapple. The red berries of some trees, including the yew, may be toxic to humans.


Trees with red berries on them include are the holly and the coffee tree. The holly is grown both for its red berries, which appear in the fall and winter, as well as for its glossy, dark green foliage.


To build a backyard water feature, create a design plan with a budget, style, size and placement in mind before purchasing any materials. Once the materials are purchased, mark the area, and dig up the soil to suit the depth of the pond or liner. Fill the hole with sand to protect the liner from sha


A few of the more common poisonous berries are woodbine, cotoneaster, pokeweed, mistletoe, holly, yew and ivy berries, according to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, many poisonous berries resemble their benign counterparts. Many are dark blue and look similar to blueberries an


The Washington hawthorne tree, native to the mid-western United States, grows to a 30-foot height and features deep green leaves and clusters of fall and winter red berries. Flowering crabapple trees produce abundant 1/2-inch red berries that persist into winter dormancy and are loved by birds and o


Try landscaping the backyard with pavers to create walkways or adding a weatherproof table that can double as a plant stand or buffet table to an area of the yard that is less than perfect, states BHG.com. Adding plants to a backyard is another easy and inexpensive way to landscape.