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A background check is a targeted search, usually conducted by a potential employer, of certain aspects of a person's past, financial and legal records, with the express purpose of assuring that person does not expose the company or organization to significant risk. The detail and scope of a backgrou


The depth of a background check depends on the type of information being sought, the policies of the record-keeping organization or agency and the parameters established by the person or entity who is conducting the search. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has established limits on the length of backgr


A simple way to obtain a thorough background check is to obtain the subject's photo identification and Social Security number, choose a type of background check and submit the application to a background check agency. The subject must consent to the process, and getting the results back takes approx


The typical time frame to complete a background check for employment ranges from a few days up to several weeks. The types of records searched and the accuracy of documents prepared impact the length of the search. More extensive FBI searches can take up to a month.


The typical background check goes back seven years. The ability exists for a background check to extend further beyond the seven-year mark. However, there are laws that restrict how certain types of information gleaned beyond the seven-year mark are used in an employment setting.


Someone looking to be hired in an airport security position will undergo several background checks including those for criminal history records, criminal history verification, air carrier records checks, drug and alcohol history, motor vehicle and national driver registry checks, Social Security tra


For background checks, individuals are asked for a first and last name, date of birth and social security number. Multiple forms of identification may also be requested. From that information, most background check companies typically are able to find information on the residential, criminal, employ


A level 2 background check is a fingerprint-based check on the state and federal level. The check uses a person's fingerprints to determine if there is a match in the national database.


An employment history check involves contacting previous places of employment in order to verify specifics regarding the employee's work history. This includes job title, dates of employment, compensation, and if the employee is eligible for rehire.


One free method for checking employment history is to contact previous employers. The human resources department or hiring manager should have records concerning dates of employment. Past employers may be willing to confirm how long an employee worked with a company.