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A young, growing turtle has a significantly different diet from that of their full-grown brethren. Their habitat and physical form do not extensively differ from hatchling to adult, but in general a baby turtle will eat much more protein than plant matter, whereas adult turtles are omnivorous, in many cases.


Food List. Box turtles have specific dietary needs to ensure good health. A well-balanced diet is easily provided from a combination of common grocery store items and backyard biota. Following is a list of foods to give your box turtle. Most foods are acceptable if given in moderation.


Box turtles are omnivores which means they will eat a variety of both animal and plant-based foods. The proportions of animal versus plant-based food items will depend on both the age and the species of box turtle that you are feeding. Generally, hatchlings and juvenile box turtles are more carnivorous than adults, which are typically more herbivorous, and species' diets also vary.


To keep a box turtle healthy it is important to provide it with suitable box turtle food. In order to do this, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are many different species and subspecies of box turtles and that box turtles live in many different types of environments in Mexico and the United States.


My box turtle loved this food! It smells fruity when you open it and has pieces of fruit/veggies in a jelly-type binding, which makes it stay together when you scoop out for feeding. Soft enough for the turtle to eat and appears that he loved it since he ate every portion that I put out for him.


How to Care for Your Box Turtle. Box turtles are small land-based turtles that can close up their shell completely. They're fascinating, independent little creatures and they should only be cared for by adults or very responsible kids....


Your hatchling Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene c. carolina) just arrived in the mail.Now you’re wondering how to care for your new little turtle friend. No worries – at Backwater Reptiles, we get loads of questions about how to best care for the animals we ship out, so we’re happy to tell you all about what we recommend in order to keep your little reptilian friend happy and healthy.


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Your baby box turtles will arrive either as a surprise after the first rainfall of the season or you will find them when you dig down VERY CAREFULLY with your fingertips to see if the eggs have hatched. (Wait at least 100 days outdoors.) Sometimes the babies will pop up out of the ground in the springtime so be very watchful.


What Should I Feed My Turtle? First, know what species you are feeding. Diet and every other facet of care is determined by the natural habitat of the turtle. For instance, River Cooters eat a diet primarily composed of plants, while Map Turtles prefer animal matter. American Box Turtles are omnivores who eat a little bit of everything.