"Trivial Pursuit" is a popular trivia game for senior citizens to play with one another, according to LoveToKnow.com. "Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomers Edition" is a version of the game that is specifically designed for peop... More »

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Some trivia questions suitable for senior citizens include: "Darjeeling is a type of tea that comes from which country?" and "Which unit is used to measure the sizes of horses?" The answers to these questions are "India"... More »

Retailers such as Target and Walmart sell trivia games and books appropriate for senior citizens online and in store. Trivia games and books are also available through Amazon.com, and free online games can be found on th... More »

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Examples of popular indoor games for a small group of people include charades, chair basketball, Pictionary and huckleberry. Some other indoor games are spoons and slap jack. More »

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Some humorous trivia questions include: "Before legally buying a mouse trap in California, a person must first obtain what?"; "In France, what is it illegal to do in a vineyard?"; and "Where is it illegal to fall down an... More »

There are many retailers that sell trivia games, including Toys 'R' Us, Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart. At Toys 'R' Us, customers can find trivia board games by using the side link for games and puzzles. This toy store has ... More »

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One crazy trivia question is, "Who wrote the song 'A Boy Named Sue,' performed by Johnny Cash?" The answer is Shel Silverstein. A second crazy trivia question is, "What does the name of the M&M candy stand for?" M&M stan... More »