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Before you mow, temporarily cover the nest in your yard with a laundry basket so the babies don't bolt and get hurt by the lawnmower. If a pet disturbs the nest, rebuild it, and return the bunnies ...


What to do with baby bunnies in our yard? I really haven't the slightest clue, but I do know that I believe in letting nature takes its course. "Just leave wild animals be," I tell the kids.


Look out for baby rabbit nests in your yard It's baby season and rabbits are one of the first animals to have them. The moms tend to like the tall grass and a yard is a good spot to have their babies.


If you happen to spot a wild baby rabbit in your yard, your first instinct might be to “rescue” the poor, defenseless creature and care for it in your home. However, to ensure the little bunny’s best chance for survival, the best action you can take is to leave it alone.


I’m very proud of you for caring about the baby rabbits in your back yard. I see way too many stories about homeowners whose dog has brought them a dead baby rabbit. You need to pause and pat yourself on the back for paying attention and caring! Thank you from the bunny family.


If you lift up the top layer, though, you’ll find a bunch of teeny-tiny baby bunnies inside. (The Ontario Wildlife Removal's expert, Jared Houliston, picks up one of the bunnies for the camera ...


My dogs found 3 baby bunnies in the back yard, I was worried the mom wouldn’t touch them if I did so I picked them up with a paper towel and put them back under some grass. 1. Will mom be able to find them? 2. Might another bunny adopt them? 3. Will mom still feed them after I touched them with the paper towel?


These rabbit repellents deliver a convincing spray of water that startles these animals away from your yard. Not only is this a humane way of deterring them, but it is also one of the more convenient methods of doing so. Just place them in your yard, connect them to a water hose and away go the rabbits.


I have a nest of bunnies in my yard, how can I tell if they have been abandoned? Mother Eastern cottontail rabbits mainly visits the nest after dusk and before dawn to feed. There are two techniques listed below that can be used to determine if a nest is abandoned or if a baby rabbit is an orphan.


Yesterday I found a rabbit in my backyard. It didn't go away as I approached it so I gave him lettuce and a shredded carrot and water. It took him a little time to eat but he eventually ate everything and drank plenty of water. He wasn't moving much and it was cold so I put him in a fish tank with bedding overnight. This morning he is not able to sit up, his head is tilted up a little.