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Baby bunnies require a nest area that can be made using clean towels and a box. A folded towel on bottom with one bunched on top, gives the bunny a place to snuggle. Partially cover the box with a soft towel, leaving space so the bunny can breathe.


In the right environment, a bunny makes a good pet. Domesticating a bunny requires a lot of care and socialization. Ideal owners for pet bunnies are adults with no children or who have older children; small children may be anxious when holding bunnies, leading to poor bonding.


As of 2014, some bunny games for kids include "Easter Egg Hop" and "Curious George Bunny Ride." These games are geared for children. Each of them is available online to play for free.


Rabbits can be found for sale on RabbitBreeders.us. The website contains a rabbit breeders directory and various search tools. It also provides several articles on rabbits, such as information on raising and caring for them, as well as pet supplies and links to books about rabbits.


Thumper, Oreo, Daisy and Bella are popular names for pet rabbits, according to Bunspace.com, an online community for rabbit lovers. Humorous names like Bunny Goodman and Bun Franklin are also popular.


Thumper, Fluffy, Bunny, Oreo and Roger are some popular names for pet bunnies. Bunny names that are comically popular are Energizer and Nesquik, since they are known as the rabbit mascots of two well-circulated brands.


Giant bunnies are rabbits that typically weigh 12 pounds or heavier as adults. The most common giant rabbit breeds include Flemish giants, checkered giants, British giants and giant chinchillas.


Miniature or dwarf rabbits are rabbit breeds characterized by weight under 4 to 5 pounds, often caused by a dwarfing gene. There are up to 10 recognized breeds of miniature or dwarf rabbits recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the British Rabbit Council.


Some bunny rabbit facts for kids include the fact that female rabbits are called does and male rabbits are called bucks. A group of rabbits is called a herd, and they eat clover, farm crops, grass and wild flowers.


Wild bunnies are herbivores and eat all kinds of vegetable matter, including leaves, roots, plant stalks, and even flowers, nuts, and seeds. Unlike similar woodland herbivores, such as squirrels or rats, bunnies do not store their food or bury it for later eating. Bunnies must forage daily for their