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At one hundred meters tall, Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall is the city's first, and thickest, line of defense. This makes it the largest man-made structure in the world. The wall encircles all of Ba Sing Se, along with the vast Agrarian Zone and a medium-sized lake. It is considered indestructible and is commonly incorporated on maps as a terrain feature.


The largest city in Avatar: The Last Airbender is a gigantic, three-walled doughnut in the northeastern corner of the Earth Kingdom called Ba Sing Se, literally translated as "Impenetrable City".. The size of the city itself is for another time (though feel free to answer that, if you'd like), but what we are focusing on instead is its outer wall.


The Walls of Ba Sing Se: Chapter 1. ... He pushed away from the wall, stepping out of reach with a dancer's ease and was halfway across the courtyard when he turned to a still frozen Li and flashed him a smile. "Tomorrow, after the teahouse closes." ooooo..


Hey everyone, I'm the CEO of the largest construction company in Ba Sing Se. I just found out that there was a construction project at the outer wall. Why wasn't my company approached to do the project? (self.LakeLaogai)


The Inner Wall of Ba Sing Se separated the inner cities from the farmland. The farmland was the area between the outer and inner walls. Old Beijing had a wall around it as well which separated the city from the surrounding farming villages.


Under Iroh's command, the Ba Sing Se wall has been destroyed twice: the first time was during this siege, when he intended to conquer the city in name of the Fire Nation, and the second time was during the passing of Sozin's Comet in 100 AG, when he aimed to liberate the city from the Fire Nation.


How high are the walls of Ba Sing Se? (self.TheLastAirbender) ... which is gigantic. but i dont think the walls of Ba Sing Se being 800-1000 feet is as ridiculous seeing as bending can help out with construction and maintenance. ... Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall is the city's first, and thickest, line of defense. ...


The Wall in Northen Ba Sing Se. Both walls are also build to protect the city from AIDS, or so they tought as the walls only protect the people from SARS. The Wall surrounds entire Ba Sing Se in order to keep everything in and everything out. When the wall is under attack Earthbender soldiers are used to throw rocks off the wall.