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Meme Status Submission Type: Catchphrase Year 2006 Origin Avatar the Last Airbender Tags avatar, the last airbender, atla, the legend of aang, avatar the legend of aang, tloa, earth kingdom, dai lee, conspiracy, phrase, in-joke Additional References Reddit About "There is no war in Ba Sing Se" is a phrase from the 2005 American animated television show Avatar the Last Airbender.

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AND HOW DID BA SING SE KEEP OUT THE FIRE NATION?? WALL Meme memes Singing πŸ€– nationals walle ba sing se how did fired singe keep out Fire Nation. found @ 69 likes ON 2016-11-24 01:43:57 BY ME.ME. source: facebook


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Avatar: The Last Airbender is a series so popular that it's no surprise that it has a huge number of memes that fans will be familiar with. "IT'S A GIANT MUSHROOM! Maybe it's friendly!" and "Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!" Explanation Later in that episode he sees a mushroom shaped cloud and ...


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Steal Memes. Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. Menu. Featured Recent Top Hall Of Fame Userbase Feed Contact ... Steal Memes - 294 results. He Is Going To Steal The Declaration Of Ba Sing Se. featured 5 years ago. by. justoneguy. follow. Like 1913. Comment 53.


Korrasami is a popular fan fiction in the TV show β€œThe Legend of Korra” between the two characters Korra and Asami. Many fans support this fiction as the developers leave clues which fans believe they have more that just a simple friendship.


Ba Sing Se being seen as a utopia and the outside world being ignored is comparable to the setting in the dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Historically, Ba Sing Se has been defined by its isolation from the rest of the world, even though it is the capital of the Earth Kingdom, the largest of the four nations. This ...