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An expression used to show digust at the Christmas season, made famous by the fictional character Ebinizer Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel 'A Christmas Carol'


A humbug is a person or object that behaves in a deceptive or dishonest way, often as a hoax or in jest. The term was first described in 1751 as student slang, and recorded in 1840 as a "nautical phrase". It is now also often used as an exclamation to mean nonsense or gibberish.


bah humbug definition: The definition of bah humbug is an expression used to reject something in a disagreeable way that has been said by someone else, or to express that what was said is not worthy to deal with or is a trick, nonsense or deceitful. (inte...


a “humbug” is something false or deceitful (like the Wizard of Oz being the little man behind the curtain). so “Bah! is an out burst, and “bah, humbug!” was Scrooge’s expression that Christmas cheer was false.


Humbug definition, something intended to delude or deceive. See more.


A “humbug” is a person or thing that is thought of as deceptive or a fraud. The phrase “Bah! Humbug!,” made most popular by the character Ebenezer Scrooge the book and play A Christmas Carol, is used to refer to Christmas as a fraud.


Humbug definition is - something designed to deceive and mislead. How to use humbug in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of humbug. something designed to deceive and mislead; a willfully false, deceptive, or insincere person; an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception… See the full definition.


The phrase may have originated earlier, but “Bah, humbug!” was popularized by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, published in 1843.It is the favored saying of the book’s central character, Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean-spirited, miserly old man, who is visited by three spirits as a chance for personal redemption.


Bah Humbug! means that whoever says that does not want to be happy or enjoy the Christmas season. Go. ... Its Ba Humbug. and Scrooge says it as another word to say that he is annoyed or angry.


A word that first started in the famous novel by Charles Dickens entitled, "A Christmas Carol", meaning "Fuck Christmas".