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To print coloring pages from the Crayola website, go to the Crayola main page and click Free Coloring Pages at the top. Choose a category, select a sub-category, and click on a desired coloring page. Click Print Now to print the page.


It is possible to make printable coloring pages using clip art images in Microsoft Word. An easy way to create the coloring page is to choose a black and white image from clip art and placing it on the page where it is desired.


The Coloring Workshop's website (coloring.ws) has a wide selection of coloring pages available free of charge and ready to print. These coloring pages can be downloaded to a home computer for later use and printing or simply printed directly from the viewer on the site, making them a versatile tool


Designs available when printing color pages include everything from animals to movie characters and cars, as well as Bible and holiday themes. There are also many coloring pages designed for adults available to print online.


Print coloring pages from the Disney movie "Frozen" on DisneyMoviesList.com and Coloring-Book.info, as of 2015. Both websites feature multiple coloring pages that are available to print for free.


Find Halloween coloring pages to print by going to Crayola.com and checking under the Holidays section for printable Halloween coloring pages; other sources of printable Halloween coloring pages include Coloring-Page.net and FreeFunHalloween.com. As of 2015, Crayola.com has 48 different Halloween co


Collections of printable coloring pages are available on the websites Crayola.com, Coloring.ws and NickJr.com. All sites organize coloring book prints by theme, such as holidays, characters and subjects. Activity pages, such as connect-the-dots and mazes, that can be colored are also available.


To print a test page, click the Start button on your computer, and click on Devices and Printers. Right-click the Printer icon, and click on Properties. On the General tab, click Print Test Page. Before printing a test page, ensure a printer is already installed on the computer.


Users can print Web pages by clicking File from the menu bar at the top of the window. Alternatively, pressing CTRL+P will print the Web page.


Several websites offer New Year's coloring pages, including Coloring.ws and Holiday Crafts and Creations. The website for Crayola crayons also offers several New Year's coloring pages.