Emily Dickinson won no literary awards during her lifetime. Although she wrote almost 1,800 poems, fewer than 12 were published in her lifetime, and the first volume of her poetry was not compiled and published until aft... More »

Emily Dickinson’s poem “This Is My Letter to the World” is about the need of writers to write. The speaker in the poem, a figure similar to Dickinson herself, must be heard in a larger context, even though she states tha... More »

Emily Dickinson's poem "I'm Nobody" has multiple themes, including universal feelings of being on the outside of a group, a rejection of authority and an "us versus them" mentality. It is a popular poem of Dickinson's th... More »

"Apparently With No Surprise" is a short poem by Emily Dickinson, according to enotes. The poem is conceptual more than it is narrative and concerns a flower that, in the language of the poem, is beheaded by frost. More »

Emily Dickinson's most notable accomplishments include being one of the most prolific American poets, composing nearly 1,800 poems. Since her death, she has also become one of America's best-known and highly respected po... More »

"The Bustle in a House" by Emily Dickinson is about the resumption of everyday life following a bereavement. The events of the poem appear to take place on the morning after a death and, as such, it has been positioned b... More »

The purple host in Emily Dickinson's poem, "Success Is Counted Sweetest", refers to an army. The line following "purple host" in the stanza mentions how the enemy's flag was taken, symbolizing victory for the army. More »