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A rule of thumb – regarding the weight of average snow: One inch of snow, on average, weighs 1 lb. per square foot. That knowledge is what tells you that mere 1.75 inches of average-weight snow on a typical roof is the equivalent of one compact SUV parked on the roof.


On average, snow weighs between 7 pounds per cubic foot and 20 pounds per cubic foot, according to North Dakota State University. The discrepancies can be attributed to the physical state of the ice, its depth and the atmospheric temperature; fluffy snow is light, while compacted snow is heavier.


More average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 pounds or more," he notes. Ice buildup adds weight rapidly, he adds. "The decision to shovel off a roof is a case-by-case decision," he says.


The average weight of a female leopard is about 55 pounds. Female leopards gain weight when they are about to give birth. The captive leopards are relatively heavier and much healthier than those living in the wild habitat.


"The weight of snow varies greatly. Light fluffy snow may only weigh about seven pounds per cubic foot. More average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 ...


How Much Does 1 Cubic Foot of Snow Weigh? One cubic foot of newly fallen snow in calm conditions weighs 3.12 to 4.37 pounds, while 1 cubic foot of damp new snow weighs 6.24 to 12.49 pounds. The density of snow varies with its dampness and other conditions.


Lightweight snow blowers are associated with less performance when plowing snow while the heavy weight snow blowers are categorized as high performing. The weight of a snow blower greatly influences the amount of snow it can plow and how it gets its work done.


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Weight between two skis in a pair is seldom the same due to production variation. These charts are a work in progress; check back periodically as we add more weights throughout the season. * Anomaly, ski weight is heavier than expected compared to other skis in the model line


Snow leopards—one of the world’s most elusive cats, are perfectly equipped to thrive in extreme, high-elevation habitats. Learn about these felines and how they expertly hunt agile prey.