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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average vehicle weighed 3,977 pounds in 2012. This is a decrease of 150 pounds compared to 2011.


The weight of a book depends on how large the book is. A standard paperback novel is about 6 by 9 inches. Assuming a length of 300 pages, that equates to about 15.6 ounces on average.


The average weight for a woman is 164.7 pounds, as of 2014. The average weight for a man is 194.7 pounds. Men have an average height of 69.4 inches and average waist circumference of 39.7 inches. Women's average height is 63.8 inches, and their average waist circumferen...


Dogs can range in weight from 1 pound to more than 150 pounds. There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, so discerning the "average" dog weight is virtually impossible.


The average weight of a 2-year-old boy is between 24.8 to 28.9 pounds, and the average weight of a 2-year-old girl is between 23.3 to 27.5 pounds. At this age, parents should see their babies slowly put on weight day by day although the rate will vary. Some fluctuations...


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average weight of an American adult between 2007 and 2010 was 195.5 pounds for men and 166.2 for women. This data considers all adults over 20 years of age.


While it is true that cats come in a variety of types and weights, most healthy, non-obese domestic cats weigh in the range of 8 to 10 pounds. Some breeds are a little heavier, such as the Maine Coon, which weighs 10 to 25 pounds at its ideal weight.