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So, it can range from 20 square bales (or less) per acre in a bad year in dry country, to 500+ bales in heavy alfalfa in good weather with 4-5 cuttings a year. Your question is as meaningless as my answer. It will depend on your climate, type of hay, rainfall, soil fertility, and how far north or south you are.


How Many Bales of Hay Are in an Acre? According to Oregon State University Extension Service, an acre may yield between 65 to 165 small bales of hay per cutting, with up to three cuttings per year. The yield depends on location, fertilization, plant species, plant age, moisture content and how tightly the bales are packed.


The idea would be to sell the hay at around $4.50 per small square bale of hay. For good hay, this in’t unreasonable. Horse farmers are looking for good hay, and they’re willing to pay for it. Here was the thought, on 50 acres you would get 100 square bales per acre, which is a conservative number. If we do the math, that works out to be.


3- 5 per acre per year. Average production of hay is 2- 3 tons per growing season in the U.S. midwest. Average weight of a round bale is 1200 pounds or 0.6 tons.


The total number of bales of hay that can be harvested per acre varies from place to place, although a typical hay farm in western Oregon may produce between 62 and 165 bales per acre. In Florida, the average yield for each cutting ranges from 60 to 80 bales per acre.


Iowa square bales per acre? - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: It obviously depends on weather, soil, size of the bales, etc, but is it fair to expect 125 fifty pound bales per acre per year on average southern iowa ground on an average year? My past experience has been significantly more, but the ground i currently farm is above average, whereas some ground ive recently acquired is not.


How to Calculate Hay Yields. Hay yields in dry tons per acre can be calculated for a given field if you know: 1) Acreage of the field 2) Number of bales per harvest 3) Average weight of the bales in each harvest. Each component of the equation can be determined for each harvest or cutting.


you can lease a hay medow if you can find it.an pay $5 or $6 a bale to the owner.an then you have to pay for the fertalizer an lime.i m going to give you some cost an they may scare you to death.if you have to lme a medow thats $75 an ac.but the lime lasts 3 or 4yrs.fertalizer is $400 a ton or over.to put 300lbs to ac will cost you $60 an ac.now baling will cost $25 a bale if you dont own your ...


That hay is then used to feed Christopher’s beef herd. Each small square bale is made with 14 strokes of the plunger. The grass bales weigh 60 pounds while the alfalfa bales scale 70 pounds. Bales have to be 35 inches long with a tolerance of plus or minus 1 inch. Uniform bale size is needed to ensure tight stacks and for shipping.


How many large square bales of hay per acre? ... Given an average weight of 80 lbs. per bale and average yield of 2.0 ton per acre, one could expect to yield 20-25 square bales per acre. share: