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The average speed for a bicycle is anywhere between 6.2 mph to 31 mph. The average speed at which one rides a bike is very difficult to calculate because there are so many factors that determine the speed.


Average speed - indications. Bearing in mind all the provisos above, you still want to know the 'average cycling speed? Hear are some general guidelines, all for solo riders on general 'mixed' terrain (ie rolling hills about 30% of the time, and pretty flat the rest of the time): Beginner, short distance (say 10-15 miles): average speed 12 mph.


For cyclists in Copenhagen, the average cycling speed is 15.5 km/h (9.6 mph). On a racing bicycle, a reasonably fit rider can ride at 40 km/h (25 mph) on flat surface. In competitive cycling a sustainable high speed is augmented by the aerodynamic effects of the peloton. The group can maintain a much higher speed over extended distance due to ...


Average Bike Speed on Flat Terrain. The number one key to being fast on flat terrain is pure power. Generally larger riders will do quite well on the flats as their pure power will outweigh the larger frontal area they have to push through the air.


In 2006, the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, installed bike riding lanes on two of its streets. During his study of the effects of the bicycle lane installation, senior research scientist William Hunter and his team found that the average speed of the bicycle riders was between 11 and 12 mph before the bike lanes were installed.


As you mentioned, best way to see is using a GPS and seeing how fast you go.. I've found over the course of about 6-months of riding, my average speed over long rides is around the average of my shorter rides (I'm classifying "long" as around 150-200km, and "short" as maybe 30-80km) For example, here is a plot of my distances vs average speed:


According to the Road Bike website, a beginner training speed of 14 mph is typically adequate for a cyclist. You may achieve this speed immediately or you may need a few weeks to build up endurance. If you are new to cycling, work on riding at a steady pace with a few short intervals of a more challenging speed, like 14 to 15 mph.


When looked at over a period of months, your average speed can tell you a great deal about how you’re improving as a cyclist. Here's how to cycle faster.


Of course, the average speed of a club run will all depends who you go with. If it’s a club run of more than 20mph, I think a chain gang is probably more important. When I went with a local Oxford chain-gang, the average speed was something like 23mph for a flattish course around Otmoor. Good tool for calculating average speeds