The time it takes the average person to run a mile varies greatly, but most people can do it within seven to nine minutes. Fitness levels, age and gender are all key factors that determine a person's one-mile time. More »

Although there is no documented average time for running a mile, seven to 10 minutes is often cited as the average time for a person who is in pretty good shape. Many factors impact the amount of time a 1-mile run takes,... More »

According to data from STATS, a global leader in the gathering and dissemination of sports information, it is possible for a basketball player to average around 2.72 miles per game. This number depends how much play time... More »

As of 2014, the fastest mile run on foot was 3 minutes, 43.13 seconds. Morocco's Hicham El Guerrouj set the mark on July 7, 1999 at Rome's Olympic Stadium. The run broke the previous record of 3 minutes, 44.39 seconds he... More »

The average mile time, or 50th percentile for girls depends on the age of the female, but varies between 10 and 11 minutes. For a 12-year-old girl, the average mile time is 11 minutes and 5 seconds. Between the ages of 1... More »

According to Spark People, a person who weighs 350 pounds can burn 320 calories if he walks two miles at a pace of 17 minutes per mile. At this pace, it takes 11 days to burn 3500 calories or one pound of fat, and 2,173 ... More »

A 1k run is approximately .62 miles, so it is not quite a full mile. A one kilometer run is roughly two-thirds of a mile, or six and a half city blocks. By contrast, a marathon which is typically just over 26 miles, woul... More »