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The average mile time, or 50th percentile for girls depends on the age of the female, but varies between 10 and 11 minutes. For a 12-year-old girl, the average mile time is 11 minutes and 5 seconds. Between the ages of 10 and 14, the average girls' mile time improves from 11 minutes and 22 seconds to 10 minutes and 6 seconds.


The average under-17 girl can complete a 100-meter sprint in 12.8 to 13.1 seconds and a 200-meter sprint in 26.4 to 27 seconds. Shooting for Benchmarks If teenage girls want to reach the average running speed for their age group, they can follow benchmarks established by track and field associations.


Not the average for runners, but for teenage girls who don't train for running and maybe exercise a few times a week if at all?


What's the average mile time for a 14-year old girl? What is a good mile time for a twelve year old girl? Is a 5:40 mile time good for a 15 year old? Is 21 minutes a good time for running 5km for a 16 year old boy? Is running 1 mile in 8 minutes a good time for an 18 year old male?


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Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. Depending on the runner’s age and gender, a “fast” time for a mile or kilometer can vary greatly.


No conclusive evidence exists on “average” 1-mile run times, because there is no scientifically agreed-upon average runner. Opinion varies widely, but most anecdotal evidence places the average between seven and 10 minutes per mile for a non-competitive, in-shape runner. The answer for each person differs based on a ...


A decent time for a high schooler to run a mile in probably depends on what grade or maturity level the athlete is in. Most ninth graders can’t beat a runner who is a senior or even a junior. When you run in college you are expected to break 4:15 or even 4:10 now.


Ultimately, however, I would question the methodology used by most studies into this matter. It's interesting to note that Kurotanawa and Russell, in their landmark 1982 study, did come up with the average mile time of 4:58 for 16-year olds, and this has been accepted by most researchers since then. IP: Logged. redrodeo Cool Runner


On average, girls tend to run more slowly than boys of the same age. A 12-year-old girl will fall in the top half of her peer group if she's able to complete her mile run in 11 minutes, which is more than two minutes slower than the median time of her male counterparts.