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How Fast Should You Run a Mile? Jody Braverman updated on March 22, 2018 Individuals who begin a running program often want to improve their performance. ... Runners should shoot for a time of approximately 8:18 if they want to be in the 50 percent bracket for the age group. Ages 27 through 31.


While there are ways to determine an average based on age or sex, the biggest factor in determining an average mile time is the fitness level of the runner. ... Average mile times for men vs. women.


What Are Target Times by Age for Running a Mile? Official fitness tests such as those used by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marshall Service often require younger men and women to run the equivalent of a mile in eight or nine minutes.


Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. ... The current world records for the outdoor mile are 3:43.13 for men and 4:12.56 for women. ... How Does Your 5K Race Time Compare to Other People's Average? 9 Ways to Run a ...


No conclusive evidence exists on “average” 1-mile run times, because there is no scientifically agreed-upon average runner. Opinion varies widely, but most anecdotal evidence places the average between seven and 10 minutes per mile for a non-competitive, in-shape runner.


Percentage of men who consider themselves "physically fit": 69% Percentage who actually are: 13%; Time it takes the average guy to run a mile: 8 minutes, 34 seconds; Time it takes the average American man to run 1.5 miles: 12 minutes, 45 seconds


Determining a good time for jogging a mile depends on several factors, including your age and physical condition. ... Men who complete a mile in less than seven minutes and women who complete a mile in less than 8 minutes, 31 seconds, are considered the most fit. ... Additional Factors. Although the average time to jog a mile is eight to 11 ...


What is the average mile time of the GENERAL population for a 30 year old male? 1/2/2012 ... The average mile time for 30 year old males is "DNS". ... A lot of men who are physically capable of ...


Gender also influences the average time it takes a person to run a mile, as women statistically run 1 mile slower than men of the same fitness level. Those who are new to running may take 15 minutes or longer to complete a mile run.


The 10 Best Pairs of Swimming Goggles for Men. 4 The Top 20 Traits Women Want in a Man ... Compare your time to the average guy in your age group. ... and then jog for 60 seconds. If you’re ...