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Several factors contribute to the average time it takes a person to run one mile. While there are ways to determine an average based on age or sex, the biggest factor in determining an average ...


A 12-year-old boy who can complete a 1-mile run in eight minutes and 40 seconds sits at about the 50th percentile in comparison to other boys his age. Any time faster than 8:40 would be considered a good time, since it puts the boy in the top half of his age class.


Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. Depending on the runner’s age and gender, a “fast” time for a mile or kilometer can vary greatly.


Competitive Varsity Mile times are anything under 4:30. You would think that's amazingly fast but I wouldent worry about it. At those speeds, a few seconds of time is a huge difference.


well in my school the really athletic boys ran a mile and it only took them 7 mins but if you are average than probably 10 mins I am in 5th grade, i run the mile at the track meet and run around 6:40.


I would describe it like this although I am a boy. 12:00 or higher: This is not a good time and signifies you need to improve if you are serious about doing this. However, if you are comming of an injury/inactivity, it still isn’t a good start but...


Hopefully you're a freshmen and if you are, the fact that you're running everyday is a good start. The good news is if you're running everyday, running more everyday won't be too hard. The bad news is you'll have to run a whole lot more to be comp...


Try any activity that involves timing or measuring, and it doesn't take long before you start to wonder: How do I stack up? Am I above or below average? By how much? Well, I can't answer that ...


What Are Target Times by Age for Running a Mile? Official fitness tests such as those used by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marshall Service often require younger men and women to run the equivalent of a mile in eight or nine minutes.


A runner who is 17 to 21 and in good health runs a mile in about 6:30 if he is in the top 1 percent of that age group, according to standards set by the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Guide. Runners should shoot for a time of approximately 8:18 if they want to be in the 50 percent bracket for the age group.