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On average, girls tend to run more slowly than boys of the same age. A 12-year-old girl will fall in the top half of her peer group if she's able to complete her mile run in 11 minutes, which is more than two minutes slower than the median time of her male counterparts.


Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. Depending on the runner’s age and gender, a “fast” time for a mile or kilometer can vary greatly.


Several factors contribute to the average time it takes a person to run one mile. While there are ways to determine an average based on age or sex, the biggest factor in determining an average ...


the average mile time for a seventh grade girl so she can maybe get a place is from a 7 minute mile and all the way down to a 6:10 mile. which is at there slowest time for a 7 minute mile now days ...


Jeremy Kain (1), center, of Scotts Valley, bolts away on the start of a one-mile race on July 13, 2017, during an event in Los Gatos. Kain set a new, unofficial record time for the mile, run by 12 ...


The average For a 12 year old boy is 5:45. But, if you can run under that time, that is very good. I ran a 5:14 mile when i was 12. Read More


It said that the average mile time for boys was 7 minutes, and for girls it was 8:30. That actually sounded pretty darn fast to me, especially for kids that young. Does anyone have experience working with kids that age? Do those times sound right? ... Average time for a kid's mile? Posted: ...


A runner who is 17 to 21 and in good health runs a mile in about 6:30 if he is in the top 1 percent of that age group, according to standards set by the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Guide. Runners should shoot for a time of approximately 8:18 if they want to be in the 50 percent bracket for the age group.


I think there’s some decent answers provided already and rather than tackling the question directly I’d like to address the greater context of the question and how answers might be received by not only the original poster but by other similarly ag...


Don't know what 'average' is, but in HS I never broke 60 sec for the 400, but ran 4:42 for the mile(1600). Since you are doing XC now tou'll be getting a bigger endurance base, just keep that mileage up over the winter off-season and you should be in a position to go sub 5-min this coming spring