The time it takes to run 3 miles will depend on the individual's speed and level of overall physical fitness, but a good rule of thumb would be 3 miles in 30 minutes. This amounts to a pace of 1 mile every 10 minutes, or... More »

The average time for a middle school girl to run a mile varies by age with 10-year-old girls running a mile at an average speed of 11:22, 11-year-old girls running a mile at an average speed of 11:17 and 12-year old-girl... More »

The time it takes the average person to run a mile varies greatly, but most people can do it within seven to nine minutes. Fitness levels, age and gender are all key factors that determine a person's one-mile time. More »

Cooking time for salmon depends on several factors, including the thickness of the fillet or steak and the temperature of the oven, but a good rule of thumb is to cook it for about 5 minutes per half-inch of thickness. A... More »

The length of time it takes a human to run 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles, depends on the runner's level of fitness, experience and speed. A runner who runs 1 mile in 10 minutes can complete 5 kilometers in a little more tha... More »

There is no determined average jogging speed of a human; however, in approximate terms, the speed is considered to be slower than 6 miles per hour but slightly faster than 4 miles per hour. Jogging differs from running b... More »

Steady state exercise can refer to two different things: any activity that is performed at a relatively constant speed for an extended period of time or a balance between energy required and energy available during exerc... More »