According to statistics collected for a study in 2010 and 2011, the average height of a Mexican man is 5 feet 4 ½ inches. The same study shows that the average height of a Mexican woman is 5 feet 2 inches. More »

The most common wall height for homes in the United States is 8 feet. Some luxury homes have walls that are 9 or 10 feet high, while some older homes have walls only 7 feet high. More »

NFL players are big in terms of both height and weight, with the average player height running 6 feet 4 inches. Players can be as tall as 6 feet 8 inches and as short as 6 feet. It's unlikely for an NFL player to weigh l... More »

In the United States, the average height for a man, which includes men aged 20 years and older, is just over 69 inches, which translates to 5 feet 9 inches. Women, in contrast, have an average height of 5 feet 4 inches. ... More »

In the 40 years after a man turns 30, he can lose an inch in height, according to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. During those same 40 years, the average woman can lose 2 inches. After age 80, both men and w... More »

The ideal weight for men over 50 varies according to each man's height, states WebMD. Healthy weight is calculated as a height-to-weight ratio, also known as the body mass index. The numbers should be between 18.5 and 24... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

The average height of a three-year-old male is between 36.5 and 38.6 inches, while the average height for a female is between 36 and 38.1 inches, according to BabyCenter. The average weight for a male of that age is 29.5... More »