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Men typically have a greater vital capacity than women because of their larger body size. Vital capacity declines with age, so that a young woman will typically have a greater vital capacity than an older woman of the same size. African-American and Mexican-American women typically have smaller lung capacities than Caucasian women.


Lung volumes and lung capacities refer to the volume of air in the lungs at different phases of the respiratory cycle. The average total lung capacity of an adult human male is about 6 litres of air. Tidal breathing is normal, resting breathing; the tidal volume is the volume of air that is inhaled or exhaled in only a single such breath.


The forces expiratory volume, total lung capacity, transfer factor (diffusing capacity), and their subdivisions have been measured in 113 healthy British women aged 27 to 74 years of whom 47 were current smokers and 66 were lifetime non-smokers. The results have been analysed in terms of age, stature, mass, body fat, and smoking.


The lung capacity test will need to be done with either a simple Spirometry lung function test. It measures how much and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs.This test will often be performed by either a Doctor or fitness professional.


Taller people generally have a larger lung capacity than shorter people, and men generally have about 20 to 25 percent higher capacity than women. People who smoke tobacco also are found to have a much smaller lung capacity than nonsmokers, and athletes are often found to have a larger capacity than average.


Total lung capacity can be found by adding the vital capacity and the residual volume. The residual volume is usually 25 % of the TLC while the Vital capacity makes up the other 75%. Total Lung capacity is dependent upon many factors such as weight, sex, age and activity. For example, females tend to have a 20-25% lower capacity than males.


American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Home > All ajrccm Issues ... Middle-aged reference equations classify subjects as being below the total lung capacity lower limit of normal between 17.9 and 62.5% of the women and between 12.5 and 42.2% of the men of the current study. ... Regarding dilutional lung volumes, in women ...


Gender is taken in consideration as men usually have higher pulmonary volumes than women. Height is also a factor as taller individuals tend to have higher vital capacities compared to individuals of normal or subnormal height. The formulas used in this normal vital capacity calculator are gender specific:


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Klauber on average bladder capacity female: There is, of course, a wide range. You can say that the average male bladder capacity is around 400-600ml, or 13-20 fluid ounces. This would be the volume voided after holding urine to the point of severe urgency. If the patient is under anesthesia and the bladder distended with water, the bladder can ...


The below Lung volumes and capacities chart provides the average and normal lung volumes and capacities for men and women. The lung volume is measured using tidal volume (TV), expiratory reserve volume (ERV), and inspiratory reserve volume (IRV) using a spirometer. The lung capacity or vital capacity is the maximum amount of air that can be ...