The average graduate management admission test, GMAT, score for the incoming fall 2014 master of business administration, MBA, class was 547. This number varied greatly across different universities. More » Education Standardized Tests

The median GMAT score is around 560. GMAT scores for the top business schools tend to fall around 720, which translates into the 94th percentile. More » Education Colleges & Universities

According to, the average scores for Ohio high school students for the ACT in 2014 were 22.0 for the composite score, 21.4 for the average English score, 21.7 for the average math score, 22.4 for the average read... More » Education K-12

The GMAT is a challenging test designed to measure preparation for graduate business school programs. Completing the test requires sitting at a computer and answering challenging questions covering qualitative and verbal... More » Education Standardized Tests

The MBA, or Master of Business Administration degree, is a postgraduate or master's degree in business administration management. MBA programs require students to understand theories within the field of business and appl... More » Education Colleges & Universities

As of 2014, the GMAT is divided into four sections and lasts for 3 1/2 hours, with two optional breaks of 8 minutes each. Test-takers with disabilities can file additional forms to request extra testing time and addition... More » Education Standardized Tests

A sample problem-solving GMAT question reads: "Running at the same constant rate, six identical machines can produce a total of 33 widgets per hour. At this rate, how many widgets could 14 such machines produce in three ... More » Education Standardized Tests