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Derek. Hey — we are entering the boat market focused on pontoon boats for our family. Your site has had some good info! Just confirming that the above reference is a typo…..at the end of paragraph 3, you recommend 2500 lbs of towing, but reference it as 1133kg above the weight.


Dry weight of the boat was 2200 lbs. Motor, fuel and 'stuff' pushed the weight to about 3000. My tandem axle Shoreland'r trailer weighed 1200 lbs. No experience with an Xterra, tho- I was driving a 1/2 ton pickup. Good luck! John and Linda Long Island, NY Escapade III


You can expect an average bass boat weight to be about 1,500 pounds (680 kg). Most bass boat trailers weigh about 800 pounds (363 kg).The average boat weight with trailer is approximately 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg).Gasoline for your motor also weighs about 6.3 pounds per gallon. With a 40 gallon tank common for most bass … Average Bass Boat Weight (With 10 Examples) Read More »


Thus, if you have a boat that is 50 feet on deck and 46 feet on waterline, the registered length will be 48 feet. The same holds true for the beam of the boat; it's an average between the widest point and the beam at water line. Tonnage


G3 Boats 16 Foot (average of 18 foot models): weighs 375 pounds with 975 pounds of carrying capacity; Average Weight Limit of a 20 Foot Jon Boat. A 20 foot Jon Boat will on average weigh about 830 pounds (376 kilos) not including the motor, and hold around 1,800 pounds (816 kilos) of people and gear.


Combine that with the average pontoon weight of 2,200 pounds and you have an overall weight of 3,600 pounds, boat and trailer. If this is your first time hauling a pontoon boat, you must double check the towing capacity on your truck before taking the boat to the marina.


Because the weight of a bass boat depends on a number of factors. Its length, the material it’s made of, the type of motor it’s housing, the type of fuel you’re using, extra gear you might be carrying — all of that factors in. On average, bass boats weigh somewhere between 1500 to 2000 pounds. Mind you — this is a dry weight estimate.


16 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of 525 pounds (238kg) which is based on an average hull weight of 360 pounds (163kg) and average 30hp engine weight of 165 pounds (75kg). At this engine size you can also start adding around 0.5 pounds of fuel per horsepower per hour of engine operation.


I have taken an average of the most popular bass boats out there and have a good general idea for you on how much bass boats typically weigh. The average weight of a bass boat is between 1500 and 1700 pounds depending on the length and what it is made out of.


Best Answer: Well, you are sort of vague, but here is a good rule of thumb: 15 pounds per foot under 25 feet. In other words, a boat 20 feet long will weigh about 3000 pounds including equipment and engine. A Sea Pro SV2100 weighs about 1950 pounds, plus the engine, for a total weight just under 3000, so you should be safe.