There is no average time for a 5k run, because performance depends on factors such as gender, age and fitness level. However, most people consider a good time for the distance to be between 20 and 25 minutes. Weather and... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure

The average male 5K runner finishes the race in around 28 minutes, while the average female runner finishes in about 34 minutes, as of 2015. The average age of a 5K runner is 33 years old. Results for a 5K vary widely ba... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Race Training & Events

As of 2013, the average time for a 5k race for males was 28 minutes and 46 seconds. The average time for females was 34 minutes and 53 seconds. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

Performance in a 10 kilometer race depends on a number of factors, including age, gender, fitness level and difficulty of the course itself. Finishing times for a 10 kilometer race can range anywhere from under 30 minute... More »

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