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In 1990, the average lot size was 14,680 square feet. Just eight years later, the average lot size was 12,870. In its profile of a typical new home in 2010, the report suggests that the average lot size will shrink by another 1000 square feet while house size will increase to 2200 or more square feet.


The average house size has increased by more than 1,000 square feet in the last 40 years. This represents the third consecutive year of increases. However, the National Association of Home Builders projects that the size of the average house in the United States will decrease in 2015 to just mor than 2,100 square feet.


How has the size of housing in the U.S. changed over the past century or so? With data collected from the BLS, Census Bureau, and other sources, I took cross sectional data from each year to find the average floor area (square feet) and also average floor area (per person also in sq ft). The data represents newly built single-family homes, specifically the average size; this may prove sub ...


I love my 107 year old Queen Anne home. I wonder if the average size of homes was larger in the late 1800s/early 1900s. All the homes built around that time in my area are pretty good sized, with a fair chunk in excess of 3000 square feet with finished attics. Most of the homes I looked at that were built after 1920 or so were under 1600 square ...


The Big Apple actually saw a 11 percent decrease in median home size in the last 100 years, the report found. The Southwest, then, is America's home expansion leader, the place where you can ...


If you determine that the size house you need is beyond what you can afford, you could either look at different neighborhoods, as home size isn’t the only factor affecting price, or you could rent for a few more years while you save more money toward your down payment (and hopefully increase your income, too!) Happy Hunting.


Size: 2,200 square feet (204 square meters) Ideal size: 613 square feet (57 square meters) Why it’s ideal: Houzzer kroche30’s primary residence is a 2,200-square-foot home with four bedrooms and two baths in Rhode Island. It was the perfect size when the kids were at home, kroche30 writes, but now it’s too much space for them.


The average size of a home in Houston, across the overall housing stock, is 1,713 square feet – a little larger than the national equivalent. However, newer construction done in the past 25 years is far more generous. A home being built in Houston this decade has an average of 2,316 square feet for residents to enjoy.


While home prices have appreciated nationally at an average annual rate between 3 and 5 percent, depending on the index used for the calculation, home value appreciation in different metro areas can appreciate at markedly different rates than the national average.


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