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Average under 18 population per U.S. household 1960-2019; Number of households in the U.S. 2015, by age of householder; Number of households in Germany 2000-2018, by size


Since then, the average house size has grown to about 2,500 square feet (about 230 square meters), and the average house is home to two or three people. More about house and family sizes: The average global family size is about five people per household, a number that the U.S. hasn't reached since the 1800s.


In fact, the typical new home of 2010 will cost considerably more, from $270,000 to $280,000 on average. e-mail: skerch@tribune.com At least 106 people shot, 14 fatally, in Chicago weekend violence


The Big Apple actually saw a 11 percent decrease in median home size in the last 100 years, the report found. The Southwest, then, is America's home expansion leader, the place where you can ...


I love my 107 year old Queen Anne home. I wonder if the average size of homes was larger in the late 1800s/early 1900s. All the homes built around that time in my area are pretty good sized, with a fair chunk in excess of 3000 square feet with finished attics. Most of the homes I looked at that were built after 1920 or so were under 1600 square ...


The average size of a home in Houston, across the overall housing stock, is 1,713 square feet – a little larger than the national equivalent. However, newer construction done in the past 25 years is far more generous. A home being built in Houston this decade has an average of 2,316 square feet for residents to enjoy.


New homes being built in the current decade are smaller than ever before, with the average house size now below the low of the 1930s. UK homes built since 2010 offer an average of 67.8 square metres of living space, the lowest in 90 years, according to analysis by LABC Warranty.


While home prices have appreciated nationally at an average annual rate between 3 and 5 percent, depending on the index used for the calculation, home value appreciation in different metro areas can appreciate at markedly different rates than the national average.


Median size of lumberyard transactions per consumer in the U.S. 2010-2018; Average size selling area of hardware stores in the U.S. 2009-2013; Expenditure on tools in the past 5 years in the U.S. 2017


The average size of properties sold in England and Wales last year was 90 metres squared – making it much smaller than new homes in the United States, research from the Office for National ...