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Find classic cars and pre-1981 vehicles on Auto Trader's website, AutoTraderClassics.com. Click the Find Cars & Dealers link near the top left of the homepage to start the search.


In order to sell a vehicle on Auto Trader Classics, the individual must be a member of the site, purchase an ad package and list all details about the vehicle, including price and images, before the online ad can be created and confirmed. There are four different ad packages that can be purchased on


To sell a car on AutoTrader Classics, navigate to AutoTraderClassics.com, click the Sell Your Car tab, select an ad package, create your ad, and post the vehicle for sale. There are several ad packages to choose from, including the Basic, Classic, Deluxe and Ultimate packages.


Autotrader offers customers in Washington, District of Columbia, an online market place to locate new and used cars for sale in the city and to trade or sell cars. Autotrader.com also offers car information and reviews, an online search tool to locate local dealers, application forms to get quotes f


A portion of the AutoTrader.ca website is dedicated for Toronto and lists new and used cars for sale in the area, as of April 2015. A search tool is included in this portion of the site that allows users to sort search results by distance from Toronto.


Find cars for sale on AutoTrader in Ottawa by visiting the site and entering "Ottawa, Ontario" in the Location field and specifying details about the car you want, such as its condition, make and price. Browse through listings, and use the sites tools to contact sellers to purchase.


Types of cars available on the AutoTrader Alberta website include sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, trucks and SUVs. The selection changes as users list and sell cars. The full current selection and a search feature is available on the Alberta section of AutoTrader.ca, as of 2015.


Use AutoTrader to find vehicles in Ontario, Canada, by entering in the province into the Location section of the search field and clicking the Search button to view all active listings in the area. All listings include details about the dealer selling the vehicle, including contact information and l


Launched in 1997, Autotrader is an online marketplace for buying or selling used and new cars. A large selection of vehicles is available for purchase from the private sellers and dealerships the site lists.


To find a used truck on Autotrader, simply visit the site and enter the make, model and ZIP code. The site will automatically find matches that meet the entered criteria.