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Mechanics calculate auto repair estimates by figuring out how long it should take them to do the job and how much the parts should cost, and then adding that together. The time it takes is billed as labor and the parts are billed individually.


An auto repair estimate guide is a published guide that gives an estimated cost to repair certain parts of a car. Mitchell International has an auto repair estimate guide that allows a person to receive an estimated cost of a collision repair directly from their officia...


Web-based auto repair estimators include ShopBossPro.com and LH360.com. Both of these websites offer the chance for a free demonstration before committing to the software programs.


To estimate automobile repair costs, get to know the repairs needed, the time required for carrying out the repairs, the labor rates charged at a repair shop and the price of each replacement part, and add the labor and part costs together. Alternatively, use an online ...


Web sites such as Cars.com and AutoMD.com give car owners an idea of what a fair price is in the owner's ZIP code for different types of service. To receive an estimate, the owner enters all of the vehicle's information, a ZIP code and the service needed.


Two apps that estimate the cost of repairs are RepairPal and AutoMD, as of 2015. RepairPal is available for Android and iPhone users, while AutoMD is only available for iPhone users.


The estimated costs to repair a bumper are $300 to $1,600, installed. The price of a bumper repair varies based on many factors, including the type of vehicle and the type of bumper.