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Auto mechanics give free advice online at 2CarPros.com and AskAutoPete.com. The site 2CarPros.com allows users to submit questions that are answered by the site's certified car repair technicians. AskAutoPete.com lets users submit questions to auto mechanic Pete Flynn, operator of an auto service ce


Free-Auto-Repair-Manuals.com, Workshop-Manuals.com and AutoZone.com have free online auto mechanic manuals for most makes and models of vehicles for both American made and imports. Most of the sites have manuals in PDF format available for download and require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to access, whil


There are no credible free mechanic schools online. There are a number of courses and schools online that offer good rates for their courses and may even offer low monthly payments, like Penn Foster and Stratford Career Institute.


Newgate School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer free programs or courses in auto repair or auto mechanic training, as of 2015. Residents of states with free community college tuition receive free training at qualifying institutions, such as Nashville State Community College.


Individuals can find auto mechanic job openings by searching the job opening sections of auto business websites. For example, NAPA Auto Parts has a special jobs website for applicants. Applicants can also view auto mechanic job openings across the United States on Indeed.com.


As of 2016, the website AskAutoPete.com provides users free advice from an auto mechanic. Other websites that offer similar services include 2CarPros.com, CarTruckInfo.com and FreeAutoMechanic.com.


To become an auto mechanic, it is necessary to obtain a certificate in auto mechanics from a two-year college or auto mechanics training program. In the past, it was enough to be self-taught. But now, with so much emphasis on computerization, the certificate is highly recommended.


To train to become an auto mechanic, take an associate degree or certificate program to undergo an apprenticeship at a vehicle manufacturer or repair shop. After completing the degree or program, apply for an entry-level automotive job as a trainee technician.


According to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, auto mechanics make an average of $36,610 per year or, $17.60 per hour. Average pay for auto mechanics varies based upon geographic location, education and level of experience.


A car owner should ask an auto mechanic questions related to certifications and credentials and if the repair facility is affiliated with any associations. Consumers should also ask about estimates and the warranty on parts and labor.